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FIR Fulda S.p.A. will not be held liable for the content of third party websites that contain links to our site. If you wish to link your website to the FIR Fulda S.p.A. Website you are allowed to do so by creating a link directly to our home page. FIR Fulda S.p.A. may include hyperlinks to websites on the Internet that are owned or operated by third parties. By accessing these links the user must read and accept the terms of use of that website before using it. Users also agree that FIR Fulda S.p.A. has no responsibility and control over the content of these websites and cannot be held liable for material created or published by third-party websites.

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The computer systems that include the software procedures used to run this website, as a part of their normal functioning, collect various items of personal data, as a part of the normal course of events when using the Internet, based on TCP / IP protocol. (eg IP address) This information is not collected to be associated to specific individuals, but by their very nature they could, through processing and association with data held by third parties, lead to the identification of the users visiting the website.

IP addresses

The IP addresses of all visitors accessing the interactive sections of our website may be collected. The collected data is used to manage the company technical administrative operations, to diagnose any technical problems, and to prevent intrusion and abuse of the service. The IP addresses collected through visiting the website will also be used for the purposes of internal statistics, regarding the most visited areas of the site and geographical area of origin. The recorded IP addresses are not linked to the personal data provided by the user when filling out any forms.


Cookies are small text files that are stored in the user's hard disk by a Webserver while the user is browsing the site. Cookies are assigned to unique users, and can be read exclusively by the Webserver that issued them. You can not use cookies to infect computers with viruses or to run programs.
A cookie can be used to personalize a user's access to a Web page and typically contains a unique identifier that allows the website to track individual visitors. The type of information they store, the disclosure and how they are used is determined by the Webserver that created the cookie.

Currently cookies are not used to manage our website www.fir-fulda.com

E-mail addresses

By writing an e-mail some personal information is automatically issued which could allow the sender to be identified through information already held or owned by third parties (such as your e-mail address).

What is Adobe PDF?

Distribution and exchange of more secure and reliable electronic documents

Invented by Adobe, the PDF format (Portable Document Format) is a public specification used by standard consortia around the world for the distribution and exchange of reliable and secure electronic documents. The Adobe ® PDF format has been adopted by businesses, educators and government agencies worldwide to improve document management, increase productivity and reduce the use of paper. It is the standard format used to electronically submit the approval of drugs to the FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) and to store electronic documents at the federal courts of the United States.

Preserving the appearance and integrity of original documents: Adobe PDF files look the same as the original documents. In fact they maintain the characters, images, graphics and layout, regardless of the application and platform used to create them.

Sharing documents: Adobe PDF documents can be shared, viewed and printed by all free Adobe Reader ® software users, regardless of the operating system, the application of the original or the character.

Easy to use: Adobe PDF files are compact and easy to use. With a simple click of a button you can create PDF files from applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point.

More secure document exchange: with Adobe Acrobat ® 7.0 or Adobe LiveCycle™ you can protect your PDF files with passwords to prevent unauthorized viewing and editing while enabling authorized reviewers to make comments and changes thanks to special intuitive tools.

The possibility of running searches: with Adobe PDF files you can search terms, annotations, bookmarks, and data fields.

Accessibility: Adobe software products allow you to create, manage and distribute contents that are accessible and rich with graphics in Adobe PDF format, potentially accessible anywhere, anytime and distribute contents that are

accessible and rich with graphics in Adobe PDF format, potentially accessible anywhere, anytime and by anyone.

This article was taken from the official Adobe website www.adobe.it/products/acrobat/adobepdf.html on 11/12/05. It has been included in this website for the sole purpose of explaining why we publish our files in Adobe PDF format.